The New and Improved!

Silver Lining of Hope Crusade Inc.


"Behind every black cloud of crime, there is a silver lining of hope"
2 Chronicles 2:14

The Silver Lining of Hope Crusade exists to bring awareness to violent crimes affecting our community. California leads the nation in the number of drive by shootings according to the Violent Policy Center (VPC). This violence is ripping our families and communities apart. We must take a stand and ask God to intervene.

Don’t miss our upcoming fundraiser and scholarship banquet.

Silver Lining of Hope Crusade, Incorporated
8th Annual Fundraiser Dinner
Friday, April 7, 2017 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Carson Civic Center
801 E. Carson Street, Carson CA 90745
Donation $75.00

For Tickets Contact:
Rev. Winford Bell (213) 840-7175
Rev. Terry Wilson (714) 244-9400
Rev. B. A. Island (310) 819-2493

The Story
The Silver Lining of Hope of Crusade is a nonprofit 501C Organization that was established by Rev. E. Winford Bell, Pastor of the Mt. Olive 2nd Missionary Baptist Church after his son, Isaiah, was shot and injured during a drive-by shooting in March, 2009. Isaiah was not a gang member, he was gainfully employed, college student and active on the Usher Board at church. Like so many others, he was an innocent victim. Rev Bell states that as Pastor, he had buried a number of young people that were victims of violent crimes, however, when his son became a victim, he was mobilized and became committed to stop the senseless killing or maiming of our youth.